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Find Harmony in Your Life

HeatherAnne Norbury | Life Coach

Life coaching around finding harmony in your life through decluttering and minimalism, entrepreneurship, and personal development. 



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HeatherAnne Norbury

Hi! I'm HeatherAnne (all one word - NOT Heather). I'm a life coach helping people find harmony in their lives through decluttering and minimalism, entrepreneurship, and personal development. I live in Lee's Summit, Missouri, USA, with my husband of almost 25 years, our two teenage children, and my mother-in-law. We have been a multi-generational family since my youngest child was only 4 months old. I am unapologetically a crazy cat lady so expect to see cats, but, don't worry, I love dogs too!


I come at my life coaching work from my own family history. I grew up in an abusive family that, among other things, used possessions to control and manipulate. And, though we were never even close to poor and we always had more than enough, they passed on a scarcity mindset that led to too much stuff, too much spending, and too much work to maintain too much stuff, all in some hope to prevent or alleviate some imaginary future “what if”. After being responsible for two large estates filled with new items saved for a special occasion and trash saved for “just in case”, I quickly realized the peace of mind that comes from less stuff and more intention around what items I do bring into my home. I am still on my own minimalism journey and lead my clients through theirs from a place of having been there myself. 

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